Black Lace Cropped Swimsuit

Black Lace Cropped Swimsuit

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Aside from nostalgic David Hasslehoff show references, the best thing about products produced by women, for women is the very specific attention to detail that would fly passed the heads of most others. One such detail is fitting. Another is style.

The Black Lace Cropped Swimsuit sports a wire free, padded structure for better freedom of movement, and a more liberating experience at the pool, or beach. Made out of polyester, the shape of the swimsuits are crafted in a way that best conforms to the body.

You needn't worry any longer of making any kind of social faux pas like your swimsuit haphazardly slipping off your body while you're attempting to dodge a particularly large wave, or swimming back to shore.

These one piece swimsuits all have unique designs that are subtle, but project an especially artistic flare in the material. While you'll be under water most of the time, it's nice to know you can feel confident, and sexy wearing these particular swimsuits when you strut back to shore.

As it is a swimsuit, the products may be a bit smaller than usual, so be sure to review the store's sizing information.

Runs small, please order one size up!

Actual Color may slightly vary from the picture owing to lighting effects and monitor settings, thanks for your understanding!

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